Current Projects

Non-dilutive funding expert

Connect innovative organisation and research institutes to relevant non-dilutive funding. Thereby driving innovation in the health and life sciences. See more info at FFUND.

Product and claim building

Aiding a food supplement business in developing market competitive products and providing a clear pathway in the science and healthclaims of these products 

Web Development and SEO copywriting

Redesign, optimalisation, SEO and improving the content of several websites including Stichting Darmgezondheid BVMaurits Art, Romy's Variaties and Romy's Realiteit.  

Student guidance

Supporting and guiding a Master student with the design, execution and finalization of the Master Thesis and Internship. This concerns the Master program Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreurship at the VU university. 

Research Project Probiotics

In this research project in association with the VU University we are looking for innovative ways to make optimal use of probiotics to ensure a beneficial health effect.


Interested in my work and publications from my PhD-Thesis with the title "Innovation Drivers in Microbiota R&D", see link or order a copy in the webshop.

Innovation Drivers in Microbiota R&D

PhD-Thesis by Dr. M. van den Nieuwboer

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